Early detection is the best prevention

Periodontal diseases are often closely correlated with systemic diseases such as diabetes, rheumatism, heart diseases, lung, inter alia, systemic inflammatory diseases. Also for endoprostheses, such as artificial joints, periodontal disease can be a risk. Women who want children should definitely make already BEFORE pregnancy for periodontally healthy relationships. Many specialists, such as reproductive specialists, gynecologists, diabetologists, cardiologists and other internal medicine disciplines therefore seek cooperation with specialized PA / PI experts.

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Why Interdisciplinary PerioPrevention?

Periodontitis (PA) and peri-implantitis (PI) recognized the major challenges of dentistry, as there has been a lack of effective early detection and therapy concepts and the spread of both diseases increases continuously.

The importance of oral health in the human medical practice is, however, often underestimated. This oral health report lt diagnosed in approximately every second adult in Germany a moderate periodontitis -. And rising. In addition to the threat of tooth loss the systemic side effects may worsen or even cause disease.

Especially for the chronically ill, such as diabetics, rheumatism and CHD patients and particularly for women with infertility, early detection and treatment of oral inflammation hidden (eg PA / PI) is of great importance.

The tell your colleagues …

“In order to ensure a high quality in medicine, a stringent diagnostic, treatment and follow-up approach is needed – an interdisciplinary approach is desirable here.”

med. dent. oec. med. Björn Eggert

dentist, health economist and Quality Manager, Head of goDentis DKV Academy

“From the point of view of cardiac careful consideration of the dental status of growing importance. The aMMP-8 Test is an important link for interdisciplinary communication. ”

PD Dr. med. Heinrich Körtke, Heart and Diabetes Centre in Bad Oeynhausen

“The aMMP-8-diagnostics detect conducting regular examinations, the first sign of tissue degradation and is one of the most important diagnostic tools for physicians and patients.”

Dr. Burkhard Rischke, orthopedic and spine surgeon, Zurich.

The aMMP-8 Test is an important link for interdisciplinary communication.